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Company News >> HOVERSTAR Micro personal vehicle ( MAV ) was unveiled at INTERNATIONAL DRONE EXPO (IDE2016) of Los Angeles


December 9-10, 2016,the INTERNATIONAL DRONE EXPO (IDE2016) was held in Los Angeles Convention Center, USA. HOVERSTAR MAV was made a Stunning appearance from the other Global unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

As the largest professional exhibition for commercial and civilian drones in the United States, IDE has successfully held two sessions and attracted many of the world's leading production R & D enterprises exhibitors.

The exhibition,  co-organised by the Tesla Foundation, UAVSA, and the United States Klaus (EJK), received support from multiple units such as National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), CNN, California Economic Development Office, Los Angeles Enterprise Economic Development Office, American Producer Industry Association (PGA) and so on.

The air and land dual-use aircraft Hoverstar H1, which is a representative of both Shenzhen and China's outstanding achievements in scientific research, was brought to IDE, and attracted the attention of many exhibitors and the audience. Besides, Hoverstar H1 received several professional media interview reports such as BioHacker TV, American Cinematographer, Drone TV and so on. Hoverstar H1 was popular with NASA pilot, cartoon Mulan’s director Alter and people from every walk of life Hoverstar H1 was bought by the customer from L.A. Search and Rescue Center, and presented an invitation from the American Flying Museum

Hoverstar H1 is defined as a miniature personal vehicle, which meet the amphibious transportation to the customer. The maximum take-off weight of Hoverstar H1 is 260kg, and the effective load is up to 75kg. When fully charging, it can travel 50km on land, vertical lift at anytime, anywhere and low altitude fly for 10km. It is a true meaning of the air-ground amphibious micro-craft.

The birth of Hoverstar H1 reveals that the aircraft will enter a manned New Era, the function of air-ground amphibious and miniaturization of dimension will make the manned aircraft closer to the family, personalization. 

With the development of science and technology, such as energy density, flight control and so on, it can be foreseen that the air-ground amphibious micro-craft may become the main means of transportation for mankind.

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